Honesty Hour Free Consultation
Honesty Hour Free Consultation

Honest Office Hours

January 11, 2019 - 8:13 PM

One-on-one 30 minute consultation, free for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Sometimes the truth hurts so book your fucking appointment online now.

We are a community of designers on a mission to make design more accessible and stop shitty design before it goes to print. Trust us, bad design is everywhere and we intend to put a stop to this fucking drivel. Design can empower businesses to put their best foot forward, or it can be a fucking disaster. We are bringing entrepreneurs and designers together, giving them a platform for frank conversation. Book your consultation now!

We help our clients with many different problems and we are often asked; What kind of website does my business need!? Websites cost how fucking much!? What should my URL be (and what the hell is a URL)!? How do I get visitors to my fucking website!? Why the fuck do you do this crap for a living!? Which is an excellent question we don’t have an adequate response for, but luckily for you we haven’t stopped yet and we’re here to set you fucking straight.

Currently having meetings online via zoom. Book your appointment here.


Our people will get in touch with your people.

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The truth hurts. Book a free, but honest, consultation.