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Strike Design Studio Freelance Collective

April 23, 2020 - 7:26 PM

Join the Strike Design Studio collective. Contribute to a group of creative freelance graphic design professionals with the mutual goal of individual growth and support.

Strike Design Studio was never meant to be a solo-project. I started as a freelance graphic designer 4 years ago and I’ve had my share of busy months and slow months. I’ve always suspected that the creative industries would soon face increased exposure to the gig work economy. Whilst there are many positives to working for yourself – it also places burden that were previously expected of your employer onto you, the freelance graphic designer or artist. This includes things like healthcare, software expenses and legal or tech support (not to mention a space to work in). Lending the creative industry to increasingly precarious work.

So I want to build an alternative design studio/agency model. We’re looking to collaborate with designers, photographers, videographers, developers and illustrators (and others) who are currently working freelance or are considering making that move. Designers and craftspeople alike, who are looking for a way to connect with other freelancers to build a support network and work standards to provide ongoing exceptional design services and products for our clients!

You will have access to promote your work and contribute to an ongoing shared calendar of paying applications/calls for design and design related RFP’s & Q’s that you can apply for. I’ve started an online repository of tools to share and expand on. But I need your help!

There’s no experience or education minimum requirement, however you must be more than 19 years old. I will be selecting applicants who have portfolio work that reflects design and aesthetic choices that compliment the existing strike brand/clients. If you’re not selected I encourage you to create your own collective.

Applications will be left open and reviewed quarterly.

Please reach me at with any questions or concerns you might have. If a video submission is best for you please contact me so I can arrange a video call.

Our people will get in touch with your people.

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