We’ve Arrived! Launching Strike Design Studio

A digital design studio — Designing Data-Driven Websites & Brands. We produce striking digital experiences with our all-star team of photographers, film makers & designers.

• • •

The last two-three years I’ve been building my web design and branding portfolio, working for a number of start-ups and small businesses to create their online platforms. Developing a process that brings the branding process fully digital by leveraging web analytics to drive design choices.

I closed my eponymous fashion jewelry label after five years and six collections, while we had a number of successes I felt my greatest achievement was building traction and building the brand. While running my own label my interest in using search engine optimization research techniques grew and I was using competitor research to drive brand, photography, and copy strategy. Here small amount of data can lead to large insights.

We’ve developed a unique design research process using search engine optimization and keyword marketing tools to influence our branding process.

We identify key goals to develop a game plan to optimize your online platform and brand.

Making many iterations of your project to ensure the most comprehensive result. Exhausting all potential design directions and creating a clear and cohesive vision.

Ensure your site, brand & content are performing as projected.